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Can you complete this sentence?

“I help WHO? to WHAT? so they can WHY?.”

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Are you crystal clear about WHO you serve best? Or WHAT your ideal customer is trying to accomplish? Or WHY your product or service should matter to them? If not, let's schedule a call!

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WordPress 101

Do you want to learn how to use WordPress to build your own website or blog? My WordPress 101 video tutorials have helped more than 1.4 million beginners learn how to use WordPress!


Custom Videos

In addition to creating tutorial videos for WordPress 101, I have also produced custom videos for GoDaddy, Media Temple, WooThemes, Yoast SEO, and many other clients.

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WordPress Educator and Coach

For 26 years, I enjoyed a rewarding career as a freelance designer, creating branding and marketing systems for my clients. In 2008, I created WordPress 101, an online course that has helped more than 1.4 million beginners learn how to build their own website or blog. Today, I help business owners gain clarity of purpose so they can increase their impact and do more meaningful work.

“I trust Shawn more than any other vendor. He took the time to understand my vision and personality, and research my prospects to provide the ultimate branding strategy. Apart from the ‘right-brain’ expertise Shawn provides, the ongoing consultation is priceless.”

— Jeff Timpanaro, Oberata Consulting
Shawn Hesketh - WordPress Consultant and Creator of

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What’s the one thing that will accelerate your online business?

It's easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. That's when it helps to get a little outside perspective. I regularly schedule calls to discuss questions like this and provide some much-needed clarity using a service where you only pay per minute. Let's talk!

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Need a Custom Video?

I create clear, concise videos that your audience will actually watch.

My WordPress 101 tutorial videos are widely referred to as the gold standard because every video is meticulously scripted and professionally produced specifically with the beginner in mind. No ’uhs‘ or ’ums‘ here. If you need a custom tutorial video for your WordPress product or service, let's chat!

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