Recognition for Designing Five Top Blogs

In a recent review of top blog designs for financial advisors, five of the “Ten Best Advisor Blogs of 2011” were designed by Shawn Hesketh of LeftLane Designs.

In a recent review of the top blogs by financial advisors from all across the country, the Registered Rep. website identified their Ten Best Advisor Blogs of 2011, and a whopping 50% of those blogs were designed by Shawn Hesketh of LeftLane Designs, through our collaboration with WIRED ADVISOR™.
The blogs were judged on the quality of writing, thematic relevance, professional and personal balance, frequency of posting, and the appearance/design. Every one of these five blog designs are powered by the WordPress web publishing system, and utilize the Canvas framework, which adds common features like social media integration to the sites, while still enabling us to create a completely unique look and feel for each blog, based on each advisor’s personal brand.
As you can see in the screenshots below, each site has its own distinct design, although they’re all powered by WordPress and built on the Canvas framework, which makes it easy for WIRED ADVISOR™ staff to update and provide support for each financial advisor in their blog network.
WIRED ADVISOR™ is dedicated to helping financial advisors accelerate their online marketing efforts, and have strategically partnered with LeftLane Designs to create strong online brands, custom blog sites, and effective social media strategies for financial advisors.

Here are the five blogs that were identified among the Ten Best Advisor Blogs of 2011…

The Cynical Advisor
Financially Wise Women
Building, Preserving and Transferring Wealth
New World Wealth Concepts
Women, Money and Divorce
Congratulations to each of these financial advisor bloggers on a job well done, and thank you to WIRED ADVISOR™ for the opportunity to partner together over the past year and a half to create these and other design projects!