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The purpose of this site is not merely to generate revenue. I don’t write reviews or recommend products for the sole purpose of generating income. Any time I recommend a product or service, it’s driven by my own personal use and experience.

However, some of the links on this site are “affiliate links,” which allow me to earn a small referral payment if you choose to purchase the product or service. In return for recommending them to you, the vendor may send me a small payment for what you’ve purchased.

A couple of important notes…

First of all, I only recommend products and services that I use, whether personally or for my clients. If I make a recommendation on this site, it’s because I honestly feel that you would benefit from that particular product or service.

Second, while I may make a couple of dollars from your purchase, your purchase doesn’t cost you any more or less. It’s just a thank you from the vendor.

I value your trust, and hope that I can continue to be a valuable informational resource for you!

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